Food Safety & Quality

The Food Safety/Quality Assurance Department at Flavor Source is a well trained team of individuals who are focused on exceeding goals set by the Management Team. The Food Safety and Quality Management System is based on SQF Requirements with a group of comprehensive, detailed procedures and work instructions that ensure both the safety and quality of our products.

SalttestingFood Safety
Safe Quality Food (SQF) is the Global Food Safety Initiative that Flavor Source has chosen as the means to ensure food safety throughout the company. This system is a full blown comprehensive management system which takes the SQF code and determines policies, procedures and work instructions in order to achieve food safety objectives. Aspects of the program include our HACCP plan and testing requirements to make sure that your products are produced in a clean environment and that we meet all regulations and customer requirements.
SQF Certification
Each year we go through an extensive 3rd party audit, which test the completeness and capabilities of our management system. This audit gives us global recognition of the food safety system we utilize. The safety and quality of our products are truly the first concern which gives our customers the assurance they need in today's regulatory environment.
We look forward to each blending challenge with the goal of maintaining consistent quality and outstanding value.  Thorough testing is required to develop the precise blend for each customer. Using the finest ingredients, we process orders in our factory, stopping at critical intervals to check for consistency of mixture through various methods in our test kitchen.


In today's changing Food Safety environment; testing of ingredients, the processes, and finished products have become commonplace. For this reason, Flavor Source has instituted a rigorous environmental and microbiological testing program to ensure that the products we produce are safe for human consumption. Some examples of the testing include:

     - Gluten-Free Testing
     - Allergen Removal Testing
     - Swabs used to test for cleanliness
     - Salt Testing for Quality of product
     - APC, Yeast and Mold testing for validation of cleanliness
     - Pathogen testing for food safety

Through these programs, Flavor Source is assured that our processes in today's food safety culture, exceeds all regulatory and customer requirements. Our customers have the peace of mind that the products they use are both food safe and of great quality.